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Dental Bridges in Aurora, CO

Dr. Christopher Henes and his dental team are proud to offer a wide variety of services, including bridges in Aurora, CO

Porcelain Bridges

Unfortunately, there are times when a tooth can’t be saved.  When that happens a tooth needs to be removed. When a tooth is removed, the tooth loss leads to many cascading complications in the mouth, which diminish your ability to chew and affect the aesthetic appearance of your smile. Iliff Family Dental can address many problems right in the office with the use of Crowns or Bridges.


A bridge helps replace a missing tooth or teeth with something that doesn’t have to be removed from your mouth daily to clean.  A bridge is supported by two healthy teeth on either side of a missing tooth or teeth. Using those two healthy teeth, crowns are placed on those teeth and an artificial tooth is placed between them and cemented into place. Because this is cemented into place you don’t have to worry about taking it in and out like a partial denture.  Missing teeth not only affects your appearance, but can interfere with speech and chewing and allows other teeth to drift into misalignment. It is crucial to keep your remaining teeth healthy and strong and in correct alignment.

Please note: The team at Iliff Family Dental is sensitive to the dental and cosmetic dental needs of our patients and will work to develop individualized plans that prevent unnecessary tooth loss and discomfort.

Understanding the Benefits of Dental Bridges

By adding dental bridges, an experienced expert can effectively fill a space that is situated between two teeth, and the dental bridges may improve an individual’s bite, strengthen the nearby teeth and prevent shifts that could affect other teeth. If you choose a dental bridge, our Dr. Christopher Henes will cement the artificial teeth within the mouth. Generally, experts will not have to remove dental bridges, and the artificial teeth may be situated near dental implants that can improve the condition of damaged teeth. Similar to crowns, bridges may contain different materials. Dental bridges, can either be fabricated from all metal, fabricated from metal fused to ceramic or even all ceramic.

Modifying an Individual's Bite

Once a gap forms between two teeth, space could substantially reduce the force of a person’s bite. The jaw may sporadically slide when an individual chews, and consequently, the gap can affect an individual’s speech. After an expert adds the dental bridges, the client will be able to chew numerous types of foods.

Choosing Dental Bridges and Improving the Durability of Other Teeth

Typically, a sizable gap can reduce the stability of the other teeth, and eventually, the teeth may notably shift. Moreover, a gap could slowly cause nearby teeth to become loose, so if an individual has not chosen a dental bridge, space can tremendously increase the costs of dental care in the future. Numerous reports have indicated that dental bridges may effectively reduce the level of pressure that could influence the other teeth. The artificial teeth can also decrease inflammation that may damage the gums, and after dentists completed various surveys that examined dental bridges, many experts indicated that the respondents needed none of the extra treatments that could mitigate inflammation. Sometimes, the artificial teeth could significantly reduce the sensitivity of the gums.

Mitigating the Effects of Decaying Teeth

Various surveys have indicated that more than 10 percent of adults have numerous teeth that are decaying. Generally, damaged teeth can substantially increase the risk of bacterial infections, and the decaying teeth may reduce the stability of other teeth. Before an expert adds dental bridges, the specialist can remove the decaying teeth and inspect the gums.

Enhancing an Individual's Smile

If a sizable gap is influencing a patient’s teeth, space may cause a section of the face to become sunken, and numerous surveys have indicated that large gaps could prevent many individuals from smiling. Once an expert adds the dental bridges, the artificial teeth will remove the indentation in the face. Sometimes, dental bridges can enhance the symmetry of the lips and accentuate an individual’s jawline.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

When a dentist inserts a dental bridge, the specialist will usually add numerous crowns that may fortify the artificial teeth, and the crowns could protect the nearby teeth. In order to enhance the durability of the crowns, an individual can regularly brush the teeth and utilize floss. Additionally, the person should avoid hard foods that could affect the dental crowns.

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