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Dental Implant Services & Procedures in Aurora

Dental Implant Services & Procedures

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace missing teeth and are designed to imitate your surrounding teeth.  Dental implants are a safe and effective alternative to traditional crown and bridgework. They are an excellent long-term option for restoring your smile. Dental implants are a great option for individuals who are just missing one tooth in one location or multiple single teeth  throughout their mouth.  Dr. Henes and his staff with work with you to help find the best option to restore not only your functionality but also your aesthetics. 

Implants are small, titanium screws that are placed into your bone just like the roots of a normal tooth. After a period of healing, your bone will integrate to the titanium screw and act as an anchor for a crown. The prosthetic crowns placed on implants look and feel like natural teeth while increasing functionality, comfort, and confidence. 

Bone Grafting

If we are going to be removing a tooth and are going to place a dental implant in its place, it is important to think about the bone that will be supporting that implant in the future.  When a tooth is extracted, the bone around where that tooth once was will begin to resorb and shrink.  In order to prevent this from happening, the use of bone grafting material will be placed in the socket where the tooth once was. As the socket continues to heal, the bone grafting material will mineralize into strong bone that will be able to support an implant. 

Bone grafting is a minor surgical procedure that is normally done in a dental office. Most often, the grafting material is processed bone minerals around which your body will actually deposit new bone cells.

The grafting material itself can come from your own body, but often it is bone from an animal or human donor that has been treated by a laboratory to make it sterile and safe; it can even be a synthetic substance. Grafting material comes in a variety of forms: powder, granules, putty or a gel that can be injected through a syringe. The graft, which is generally covered by a collagen membrane for optimum bone repair, will act as a scaffold onto which your body will build new bone.

Multiple Dental Implants

Similar to single dental implants, multiple dental implants can be used in many different way.  Multiple implants can

Rest assured Dr. Henes will help and support you, whatever your dental need might be. These multiple implants give patients a very strong and stable restoration which not only increases functionality but also aesthetics

Complete Dentures

A complete denture refers to the replacement of all the teeth in a dental arch. It can be inserted either of two ways. It can be inserted some weeks after the extraction sites and all of the surgical procedures have had a chance to heal, or as an “immediate” denture placed the same day the last remaining teeth are extracted. Although an immediate denture offers the advantage of not having to go without teeth for any period of time, it can require multiple adjustments as the tissues remodel and heal following dental extractions or other surgical procedures.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures consist of a gum-colored base made of plastic resin, which fits over the remaining bone that formerly held the teeth and connects to the remaining teeth. The teeth projecting from the base are designed to look and function just like your natural teeth.