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In-Office Teeth Whitening in Aurora, CO

Dr. Christopher Henes and his dental team are proud to offer a wide variety of services, including Zoom whitening in Aurora, CO

Do you ever look in the mirror or see pictures of yourself and think you have stained / yellow teeth?  Have you tried expensive toothpaste or even bought whitening strips but you are not happy with the results. If you do, you’re not alone. On average, Americans last year spent 1.4 million dollars on over the counter whitening. Many of these Americans were unhappy with their results.  Stop wasting your time and money and get whitening done professionally at Iliff Family Dental. We are proud to use Zoom whitening which can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades whiter.

Teeth Whitening

Many patients venture into our office wondering how to whiten teeth fast. They may have tried over- the -counter whitening kits, toothpastes, and mouthwashes without noteworthy results. Even when store-bought products claim to whiten quickly, only dental professionals truly know how to whiten fast. Because of these reasons, Dr. Christopher Henes and his team are proud to offer Zoom in office whitening to take care of your dental whitening needs.

Teeth whitening is part of the many cosmetic dentistry services we offer. It is a simple and easy procedure that can be completed in our dental office in as little as an hour.  You’ll be surprised how much whiter your teeth will look after only an hour. Bleaching / whitening in-office is a safe and easy procedure for individuals who want whiter teeth now. This prevents you from completing whitening at home for many days and hours waiting for the results that you want. Why wait for your results when you can get them now?

What to do before your Teeth Whitening

Prior to whitening  your teeth with Zoom it is best to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Once your teeth are cleaned this allows Zoom whitening to work on all surfaces of your teeth and not be inhibited by plaque and tartar build up.  Also, by having newly cleaned teeth the award winning Zoom whitening will be more effective. Another thing to consider prior to whitening is to take care of all your dental cavities. Having teeth with cavities and then bleaching them can cause pain to your teeth. It is always a great idea to get your dental decay taken care of prior to Zoom whitening. If you are planning on getting a new crown, crowns, or even a bridge it is a good idea to talk about whitening prior to the procedure. This will allow our team at Iliff Family Dental and our dental lab to provide you with an award winning smile you deserve.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Whitening is an easy and simple procedure. When you come in, we will take a pre-whitening shade of your teeth so you can see the difference in your teeth when we are done. Next, we will protect your gums and the rest of your mouth from the bleaching gel. Once your teeth are completely isolated, we will begin the first 15-minute session of whitening. After those 15 minutes, we will rinse off the bleaching gel and repeat up to three more times. After the bleaching is complete, we will take a post-shade so you can see the difference

Here are some advantages of in-office Zoom Whitening System

How does Zoom In-Office Whitening Work?

Zoom is a powerful light activated bleaching gel. Its main component, hydrogen peroxide, will penetrate the teeth and whiten them deeply. Zoom whitening eliminates stains and discoloration from your teeth without damaging them.

With Zoom whitening, you can typically brighten your teeth up to  8 shades in just one hour. The first step is to come see Dr. Christopher Henes for a tooth whitening consultation or mention it at your next cleaning appointment.

During a Zoom whitening in-office procedure, you can relax while we complete 3 fifteen-minute whitening sessions. You won’t believe your beautiful results!

Zoom tooth whitening has been proven to be both safe and reliable. The hydrogen peroxide and the activating light will not harm your teeth, gums, or soft tissues.

If you take care of your teeth and occasionally use at home touch-ups, your brilliant Zoom smile can last a lifetime. You’ll love your new look and the elevated self-confidence that comes with it. We recommend using Zoom only once every 12-18 months.  In between those times you can use at home whitening to touch up those teeth to keep your brilliant smile.

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