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Nitrous Oxide in Aurora, Colorado

Dr. Christopher Henes and his dental team are proud to offer a wide variety of services, including Nitrous Oxide in Aurora, CO

Do you suffer from fear of going to the dentist? Do you ever wonder if there was something that could be done in the office to help with your fear and anxiety? Did you know there is something that we can do in the office during the procedure that can help with anxiety and fear? The best part is that when the procedure is done you can be yourself and function like you did prior to your dental appointment.  What we are talking about it Nitrous Oxide.

Nitrous Oxide

We know that coming to the dentist isn’t always the easiest for our patients. To help with dental anxiety and making our patients comfortable, we, at Iliff Family Dental are happy to offer inhalation sedations as part of the dental technologies we have available.

Nitrous oxide is a gas you inhale during your dental procedure to help relax you during your dental procedure. Nitrous is administered through a nasal hood, which resembles a small cup that is placed over your nose. The oxygen mixed with nitrous oxide provides a light-headed or even euphoric feeling, which is quick to wear off so there is no “hangover” effect. All bodily functions remain essentially normal during the use of this sedative, which is very safe.

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Nitrous Oxide

Some people fail to receive the benefits of dental treatment because of a simple yet seemingly overwhelming problem: Fear. It isn’t uncommon to have a little anxiety about an upcoming dental procedure. But if your fears have kept you away from the dental office when you know you really should go — take heart! Conscious sedation with nitrous oxide can help you lose that anxiety, and make the whole experience so stress-free that you may not even remember it when it’s over.

Nitrous oxide, a colorless gas with a slightly sweet odor, has been used in medicine for about a century; however its outdated nickname, “laughing gas,” is undeserved. It’s a safe and effective method of administering conscious sedation — which means that you’ll stay awake during the procedure. But when nitrous oxide is used in combination with a local anesthetic, you won’t feel pain or anxiety. In fact, many patients report a feeling of well-being during this type of sedation. All bodily functions remain normal during the administration of nitrous oxide, and its effects wear off quickly afterwards.

How Is It Administered?

As a form of conscious sedation, nitrous oxide is inhaled through a small mask that fits comfortably over your nose. The gas is mixed with oxygen as it is being delivered, and both gases are always kept at a level that is safe for the body. In just a few minutes, you may start to experience a floating sensation, and perhaps some tingling in the hands and feet. That’s a sign that the sedation is working. Once it has been verified that you’re calm and comfortable, and that the dose is correct, your dental procedure can begin.

Nitrous oxide itself isn’t a substitute for a local anesthetic — it’s considered an anxiolytic, which means it makes anxiety disappear. For some procedures, you may still need an anesthetic injection. The difference is, you won’t mind. Yet, you won’t be asleep — you’ll be able to speak, be aware of what’s going on, and you will remain in control during the procedure. In fact, the dose can be fine-tuned to just the level of sedation you need.

When the procedure is over, the flow of nitrous oxide is decreased to zero, and the oxygen may be increased. After resting in the chair for a few minutes, you’ll be able to sit up, and soon you can resume normal activities like driving. Although the experience has been compared to “having a couple of drinks,” there is very little “hangover” effect afterward.

Who Can Benefit?

Most people whose anxiety would otherwise keep them out of the dental chair can benefit from conscious sedation with nitrous oxide. Before beginning treatment, we will take a complete medical history, including your use of both prescription and non-prescription medications. If you are pregnant, have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) or some other pulmonary diseases, or are taking certain drugs, it may not be right for you. However, if you feel that you would benefit from a more stress-free experience in the dental office, ask about nitrous oxide conscious sedation.

  • The combination of inhaled nitrous oxide and oxygen is a safe and effective means of managing pain and anxiety in dentistry, when used appropriately.
  • There is an inherent safety margin for the proper administration of nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation
  • At least 12 delivery system audio and visual safety features have been developed to help avoid adverse events during nitrous oxide-oxygen administration
  • Adopting appropriate work practices and following recommendations from the Council on Scientific Affairs may help dental offices safely use nitrous oxide-oxygen
  • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) research indicates that controls such as systems maintenance, proper ventilation and good work practices can effectively reduce nitrous oxide concentrations in dental operations to approximately 25 ppm (i.e. 45 milligrams per cubic meter) during analgesia administration (i.e. the exposure limit recommended by NIOSH).

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