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Our Story
Established in 2018

Iliff Family Dental has deep roots in the Aurora community. The practice was started by Dr. Slack and has resided in its current location for more than 17 years. Before Dr. Henes took over the practice, Dr. Kalra practiced at the same location under the name Axiom Dental Group for fifteen years. Dr. Henes is determined to provide top quality care for patients just as Dr. Slack and Dr. Kalra have done in the past.

Dr. Christopher Henes
DDS - Dentist
Dr. Christopher Henes was born and raised outside of Detroit, MI. Dr. Henes was drawn to dentistry due to the ability to work with his hands and help patients, but fell in love with dentistry because he is able to meet new individuals every day and to create lifetime relationships, all while helping patients achieve their oral health goals. Dr. Henes graduated from University of Detroit Mercy with da Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in May of 2013. After graduation, Dr. Henes completed a one year residency at Denver Health. It was during that residency that Dr. Henes became more experienced in molar root canals, extraction, restoring smiles, developing complex treatment plans, and working with medically complex patients. After completing his residency, Dr. Henes continued to work at Denver Health at their Westside Dental clinic and more recently was the past residency Director. Dr. Henes loves meeting new people and helping them achieve their overall health goals. In his spare, time you can find Dr. Henes and his wife, Ashley, out and about doing all the wonderful things Colorado has to offer – biking, hiking, skiing, and trying out new restaurants.
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