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At-Home Whitening / Bleaching Systems in Aurora

Dr. Christopher Henes and his dental team are proud to offer a wide variety of services, including at home whitening in Aurora, CO

Do you ever look in the mirror or pictures of yourself and think you have stained / yellow teeth?  Have you tried expensive toothpaste or even bought whitening strips but you’re not happy with the results? If so, you are not alone. On average, Americans last year spent 1.4 million dollars on over the counter whitening. Many of these Americans were unhappy with their results.  Stop wasting your time and money and get whitening products you can’t buy at the store but you can buy at Iliff Family Dental.

Teeth Whitening

Many patients venture into our office wondering how to whiten their teeth.  There are two main options: At home whitening (doing it right in the comfort of your own home) or in office whitening (Zoom bleaching). Both systems have their pros and cons.

At-Home Whitening

One of the major advantages of a home teeth whitening kit is that if you know you have an event coming up you can prepare and bleach at home without coming to Iliff Family Dental. You can wear your trays 5-7 days before the event and get great results.

Some patients have tried over- the -counter whitening kits, toothpastes, and mouthwashes without noteworthy results. Even when store-bought products claim to whiten quickly, only dental professionals truly know how to whiten fast. Because of these reasons, Dr. Christopher Henes and his team are proud to offer only the best at home whitening system for our patients as part of our cosmetic dentistry services.

Also, at home whitening kits are great for patients who had in office whitening and just want a touch up 6-9 months after their in office bleaching. The thing about bleaching is that you have to think of your newly bleached teeth as a brand new white shirt. Anything that could and would stain a white shirt can stain your teeth.  With that being said we all know we can’t stay away from coffee, tea, coke, and fruits forever. Because of these, at home bleaching will help get your teeth back to where they once were.

Before you complete at-home whitening

Creating your whitening trays

Prior to completing at home bleaching we need to take models of your mouth.  Once the models are completed we use these models to fabricate custom bleaching trays for you to wear and use then at home. These trays are soft and flexible and don’t put any strain on your teeth.  When you are ready to bleach all you need is a tiny drop per tooth and then place the tray in. 

Whitening strength

There are many different options when it comes to at home bleaching strengths. Below are the typical strengths and the time needed to stay on for one session:

  • 10 % – leave on for 8-10 hours. This percentage of bleaching can be kept on overnight if you wish.
  • 15 % – Leave on for 4-6 hours
  • 20 % – Leave on for 2 – 4 hours
  • 35 % – Leave on for 30 – 60 minutes
  • 45%  – leave on for 13 – 30 minutes

Teeth whitening is a simple and easy procedure that can be completed at the convenience of your own couch.

Professional Cleaning

Prior to getting any whitening done on your teeth it is best to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Once your teeth are cleaned this allows the bleaching whitening solution to work on all surfaces of your teeth and not be inhibited by plaque and tartar build up.  Another thing to consider prior to whitening is to take care of all your dental cavities. Having teeth with cavities and then bleaching them can cause pain to your teeth. It is always a great idea to get your dental decay taken care of prior to any whitening. If you are planning on getting a new crown, veneers, or even a bridge it is a good idea to talk about whitening prior to the procedure. This will allow our team at Iliff Family Dental and our dental lab to provide you with an award winning smile you deserve.

Whitening is an easy and simple procedure

Whitening is an easy and simple procedure. The great thing about at home whitening is that you can control when and how often you whiten your teeth.  With at-home whitening, you are given specific whitening trays that are made to fit you and only you. Once you have them, you place the whitening gel in the trays and wear them for the desired amount of time.

Here are some advantages of an at home whitening system:

  • Results you want
  • Safe and effective
  • Convenience of doing it at home
  • Provides youthful appearance
  • Provides youthful appearance

At-home bleaching is a great tool to use in conjunction with in-office whitening when you notice you need a touch up with your whitening.  Some bleaching solutions can whiten your teeth in as little as three to five days.

For more information about at-home whitening, please ask someone from Iliff Family Dental to assist you

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